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About the Iron Survival Network

The most qualified and experienced trainers in the world.

Iron Sharpens Iron

The Iron Survival network is comprised of retired senior operators from U.S. military Tier-1 Special Mission Units, and an unmatched, highly diverse and carefully selected team of top tier experts from the special operations, conventional military, law enforcement, intelligence and academic communities.

Our goal is to gather the most qualified and experienced instructors, and the highest caliber of training and direct personal instruction, and make them easily available to those who need it to better prepare themselves to protect the nation, the public, themselves, and their friends and family.
"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  Proverbs 27:17

More comments from recent students

The Iron Survival Small Unit Tactics classes are cutting edge for what law enforcement, community defense groups, mutual assistance groups, or even family and neighbors might face during a natural or man-made disaster like Hurricane Katrina, or much worse, where there is a breakdown in society, and roving gangs are preying on the unprepared. For civilian trainees, they've taken military doctrine, and specialized small unit tactics, and expertly adapted it into a system that is easily workable for those who only have access to minimal resources for self defense. The outside the box thinking and unconventional applications introduced in the training was practically jaw dropping for this 20 year combat veteran who had thought he had just about seen it all. Everyone from small town police departments to neighborhood watch and MAG groups will most certainly benefit from any of these small unit classes. The instructor's teaching style breaks down some of the most complex actions into simple steps and processes that anyone can follow.
- J. Taylor
CPT, EN, USA (Ret)
I have taught map reading, compass and orienteering in Boy Scouts for 8 years. I wish I would have taken this class first. Many boys would have greatly benefited from it. You don't even know what you don't know until you take a class from the instructors at Iron Survival.
- W. Freeze
This was a rigorous course. It will push you outside your comfort zone both mentally and physically. However, at the same time it shows you that with motivation, self-discipline and focus you can achieve almost anything. It teaches you to work as a team, to stay focused, and to keep your head during chaos. The tactics you learn in this course will help keep you and your teammates safe during extreme situations. Highly recommend any training Iron Survival provides.
- D. Mount
Easy to follow instruction, well laid out. Definitely a great instructor. Training is a "hurt so good" type of training. Great for sheepdog patriots.
- M. Christ

Some of the organizations in our network

The Iron Survival tactical training network includes both individual coaches & instructors, and organizations.  

Special Tactics, LLC

Online courses, coaching and in-person training for military, law enforcement and civilians
Special Tactics was developed by retired, senior operators from Tier-1 Special Mission Units along with diverse team of experts from the special operations, conventional military, law enforcement and academic communities.

Change of Behavior, LLC

Online courses, coaching and in-person training for military and law enforcement
Provides close quarters battle (CQB) and weapons training based on decades of Tier 1 special operations and law enforcement experience.