Live In-Person Tactical Training

Train directly with top tier special operations instructors

The Iron Survival Live Training calendar is coming soon!

With so many elite instructors, you have numerous opportunities to receive live in-person tactical training.

Nearly every Iron Survival network instructor offers live in-person training. Currently, we're working to integrate all the coaches' and instructors' established training calendars in one convenient location.

Need Training Now?

Many instructors are also available to provide custom training nationwide at any time, and you can
contact us with any immediate training requests for you or your organization, agency or unit.

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For Live Training in the Midwest:

Live training classes with Iron Survival network instructors in other areas of the nation are published as scheduled.

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Featured Tier to Peer™ Programs

Tier to Peer™

Whether you are planning for a career in special operations, preparing to attend a school or selection course, want to train like a special operator, seeking to develop your leadership skills, or just want to learn and master advanced tactical or survival skills, our exclusive custom Tier to Peer programs will help you achieve your goals.
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Special Operations School, Selection & Assessment Prep

Want to join the ranks of the elite? 
Prepare for a special operations school or selection course with an exclusive custom coaching program from former elite school cadre, instructors and selection committee members.
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Operator Training Program

If you want to be the very best at what you do, rise to the top of your tactical unit/organization, or protect yourself and your family in the most dangerous and extreme situations, this unique and exclusive program is the best fit for you.
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