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Featured Tier to Peer™ Programs

Tier to Peer™

Whether you are planning for a career in special operations, preparing to attend a school or selection course, want to train like a special operator, seeking to develop your leadership skills, or just want to learn and master advanced tactical or survival skills, our exclusive custom Tier to Peer programs will help you achieve your goals.
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Special Operations School, Selection & Assessment Prep

Want to join the ranks of the elite? 
Prepare for a special operations school or selection course with an exclusive custom coaching program from former elite school cadre, instructors and selection committee members.
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Operator Training Program

If you want to be the very best at what you do, rise to the top of your tactical unit/organization, or protect yourself and your family in the most dangerous and extreme situations, this unique and exclusive program is the best fit for you.

Featured Hardcopy Training Manuals

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Single Person Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Manual

Companion manual to the Single Person CQB online training course.
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Two Person Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Manual

Companion manual to the Two Person CQB online training course.
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Comprehensive Combat Fitness Training Manual

Learn to prepare your body and mind for a career in special operations, or for the rigors of combat.
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Squad Level Military Urban Combat Manual

Designed to help military units develop their own mission-specific TTPs for both low-intensity urban operations and high-intensity conventional urban warfare.
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Some recent training student feedback

This is one of the best classes I've been to yet. The instructor is clear and precise on instruction. He and his team of instructors are willing to help one on one as needed. They're all a great bunch of guys. Well worth the trip. They'll work you until you drop, then keep working you until you're proficient at your task. Thank you and your team for the great training and I look forward to the next training.
- J. Cline
The instructor was fantastic. He opened my eyes to the very simple reality of learning to use what I have. Mastery is the key to success. You have to master a skill before you can move to the next skill. His real-world approach was a game-changer to me.
- R. Williams
This was a rigorous course. It will push you outside your comfort zone both mentally and physically. However, at the same time it shows you that with motivation, self-discipline and focus you can achieve almost anything. It teaches you to work as a team, to stay focused, and to keep your head during chaos. The tactics you learn in this course will help keep you and your teammates safe during extreme situations. Highly recommend any training Iron Survival provides.
- D. Mount
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