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Comprehensive Combat Fitness Training Manual

Combat Fitness training  manual (paperback)
Developed by a team of Tier 1 special operations veterans and athletic performance experts.
This manual provides detailed instructions for creating a comprehensive personal fitness program designed to get you "fit to fight" by directly enhancing your combat performance in a real-life scenario. 

Get Fit to Fight

This manual provides detailed instructions for creating a comprehensive fitness program designed to directly enhance your combat performance in a real-life scenario. 
combat fitness
This training manual is not designed to replace your existing fitness program, but rather to help you achieve greater results. It provides scientifically proven methods to integrate your workouts, manage your recovery, measure your progress and adjust routines to your specific mission requirements and body type.

Fitness programs are very personal and no single program is right for everyone. This is especially the case in combat, since each mission set demands a different balance of physical attributes.

The manual provides baseline suggestions for getting the most out of traditional exercise routines (circuit training, strength training, running etc.), but also provides proven techniques for improving often neglected physical attributes (balance, flexibility, coordination, sprinting speed, hand speed, finger dexterity and grip strength) that are critical for combat performance.

Techniques presented are flexible enough to integrate into any fitness program and can apply to either individual or unit level programs.
This training manual covers a wide range of combat fitness subjects including:
  • Mobility (sprinting, agility, cross-country movement)
  • Climbing, obstacle negotiation, swimming & pool training
  • Strength training (weights, unstable load training, calisthenics)
  • Balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Hand speed, finger dexterity and grip strength
  • Rest, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention
  • Performance tracking and testing
  • Fitness program design and evaluation
  • Unit training programs and performance tracking
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