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Online Tactical Training Course GIFT 

Give a unique GIFT of an online tactical training course, developed by our elite Tier 1 special operations instructors, to someone special on your list

Do you have someone "tactical" on your gift list that would LOVE to learn new and advanced skills taught by the world's most elite special operations warriors ? 
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Write your awesome label here.

Online, self-paced tactical training courses developed by senior elite Tier 1 special operations veterans

Knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. Expert tactical knowledge is the gift that saves lives.

   How Does it Work?

You purchase an online training course gift, and within 24 hours we'll email you a digital gift card with a special coupon code that you can forward to your gift recipient, or you can print it and put it in an envelope to give to them.  

When they receive their gift code with instructions, they come to the Iron Survival website.  They can select the online training course they want, and "purchase." During the checkout process, they apply the special gift code and there is no cost to them.

Then, they complete the online training course at their pace.  They have 12 full months to complete the training, and they can review the content and refresh their skills as often as they want during that time

You can review our Training Catalog to see the various online tactical training courses currently offered. New courses are being added on a regular basis.
* Other gift options include: 30 minute and 1 hour coaching or Q & A sessions, and training manuals.

Additional gift options:

Training Manuals & Online Training Courses

Does your gift recipient like to learn new skills? 

In addition to our online training courses, we also have a variety of incredible expert 
training manuals to chose from. All written and developed by elite Tier 1 special operations veterans. 

Visit our Training Catalog to learn more. 

1:1  Personal
Coaching Sessions

Want to give a truly unique and amazing gift to someone special? 

How about a live, 1 on 1 personal coaching session with some of the most elite special operations warriors on the planet?

You can purchase gifts of 
30 MINUTE or ONE HOUR coaching sessions.

Visit our Training Catalog to learn more.

1 on 1 Coaching Information & FAQs

How do I schedule my coaching session with my coach or instructor?

After you purchase your coaching session, log in and go to your Dashboard and launch the coaching session "course." Within the course will be a single activity for you to launch that will connect you to your coach's calendar.  You can review the available dates and times and select a slot that works best for you.  Follow the coach's instructions, which usually asks you to provide your name and contact information so your coach can contact you at your selected date and time.

How does my 1:1 personal coaching session take place?

Depending on your available technology, your 1:1 coaching session can take place through Zoom video conferencing and/or by phone.   

Is there a limit to the types of things we can discuss?

Yes. While there is a great deal of freedom in the discussions you can have and the questions you can ask, your coach will not discuss or disclose: any information that is secret or confidential; anything that could jeopardize or affect national security; anything that would reveal sensitive information or tactics or otherwise put personnel or units at risk; or anything that would violate the rules or standards of the various military schools or programs, etc.  He/she also will not discuss any criminal or otherwise unlawful activities.  Your coach will decline to discuss or answer any specific questions in his/her own sole discretion, and you must accept and respect that decision. If you fail to do so, it can result in early termination of the coaching / training session without refund.
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