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Two Person Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
Online Course

Two Person Close Quarters Battle (CQB) online course for civilians and law enforcement.

This training will teach you the fundamentals of how to move, fight, and survive as a two person team in a variety of close quarters combat, defensive, and emergency scenarios.

Law enforcement, security professionals, and ordinary citizens can easily find themselves in situations where they need to defend themselves or clear a structure with the help of a partner.  It can be very dangerous for two people to attempt to fight together as a team if they are not trained to do so and if they have not practiced and rehearsed beforehand.

This online training course and the associated training manual were developed by a team of experts with extensive Tier 1 special operations and law enforcement experience. 

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Learn critical tactics & techniques for when you must clear or defend your home or a building with a partner.

This manual and the associated Two Person CQB Tactics online training course were developed by a team of Tier 1 special operations and law-enforcement veterans with decades of experience.

This training manual can provide citizens and security professionals with critical, life-saving tactical knowledge that will give them a marked advantage in an emergency situation.

The manual is designed to be easy to read and focused on the most important information for surviving a real-life emergency. The manual also uses many pictures and illustrations to accelerate learning and help you absorb the knowledge faster.

Dangerous Tactical Scenarios

The manual also includes discussions and specific suggestions on how to prepare for and deal with likely dangerous tactical scenarios you may encounter as a civilian, including:

  • Home invasion
  • Deadly attackers (active shooter)
  • Sniper attacks
  • Armed robbery
  • Hostage situations

Multiple Instructional Methods

This expert training course incorporates multiple instructional tools to teach and test your learning and retention.
  • Presentations
  • Audio Narrations
  • Animations
  • Interactive Activities
  • Quizzes
  • Final Exam

Special Bundle Offer

Get a special bundle package of the Two Person CQB online training course, AND the Two Person CQB printed manual for one low price.

What topics are covered in this online training course?

Special Tactics, LLC

Special Tactics

Tier 1 Special Mission Unit & special operations veterans
Special Tactics was formed by retired, senior tacticians from Tier-1 Special Mission Units along with diverse team of experts from the special operations, conventional military, law enforcement, and academic communities. Our mission is to help improve mental, physical, and skill-related performance among military personnel, law-enforcement officers, security professionals, and responsible citizens. We view our mission as more than a job or business, but rather as a continuation of our sacred duty to God, our country, and peace loving people all around the world.
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